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Diphoterine® solution is an emergency rinsing solution for splashes of chemical products. Its rapid use in case of contact between the skin or eye and a chemical product is intended to quickly eliminate the residual chemical product on the skin or in the eye. This makes it possible to limit the extent of the burns and lesions caused. Diphoterine® facilitates secondary treatment of the burn injuries by restricting the extent and severity of the lesions.
How Diphoterine® solution works:
Diphoterine® solution is a hypertonic, amphoteric, multi site washing solution for ocular and cutaneous chemical splashes.
Diphoterine® solution is an aqueous, non toxic active sterile solution with multiple reactive sites that will act on the irritating and corrosive agents that cause chemical burns. These include acids, bases, oxidising agent, reducing agents and solvents but excluding hydroflouric acid where Hexaflourine solution is recommended. The hypertonicity of Diphoterine® solution prevents the chemical from penetrating the tissue and makes it possible to create a reverse flux capable of pulling the chemical out of the tissue.
The product has Therapeutical Goods Administration certification.

-Light and small dimensions.
-Permits a quick action.
-Easy and ready to use.
-A soft and micronised spray that wets a lot to permit a rinsing without trauma and a perfect distribution of the solution.
-Sterile solution.
-Easy control of the rinsing efficiency : complete and sole use.
-Does not require a specific installation and maintenance.
-In conformity with EN 15454-2.
-EC certification.
-Shelf Life: 2 years

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