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Personal/Professional Use

AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser is Australian Standards AS3547 approved. Originally designed for use as a workplace breath alcohol tester, it is now our most popular model for general public use.

Very affordable, accurate and easy to use!

- 2 decimal place accuracy

- Range of 0.00-0.40%BAC (8 x the legal limit)

- Large digital display

- Simple and easy to use

- Fast mode for rapid workplace testing

- Australian Standards AS3547 approved

- Self replaceable sensor module

The AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser is ideal for both personal and professional use, providing instantaneous digital %BAC (breath alcohol concentration) results.

The Enforcer 2 breathalyser is our most popular Australian Standards approved model used by the general public.

The Enforcer 2 can also be used as a breath alcohol screening device in the workplace by OH&S staff, by professional drivers or by health care professionals.

Although, we strongly recommend the Enforcer 3 for workplaces due to the additional decimal point accuracy.