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Personal/Professional Use

AlcoLimit Enforcer 3 Breathalyser is Australian Standards AS3547 approved. Designed for use as a workplace breath alcohol tester, it is alsp popular for general public use due to the affordable price. Certified accuracy, stylish and easy to use!

- 3 decimal place accuracy

- Range of 0.000-0.100%BAC

- Large digital display

- Simple and easy to use

- Fast mode for rapid workplace testing

- Australian Standards AS3547 approved

- Self replaceable sensor module

The Enforcer 3 Breathalyser is an ideal breath alcohol screening device for use in the workplace by WH&S staff or by health professionals. Designed for workplaces where a zero tolerance applies. It can detect the smallest amounts of alcohol up to 0.001%BAC.

The Enforcer 3 breathalyser is perfect for workplaces where irregular or occasional testing takes place and a low volume of testing is performed annually. ie. <500 tests per year.

For workplaces where high volumes of testing are performed please select the AlcoLimit Protector or WORKSafe Fuel Cell breathalysers which are designed for heavy duty use.

The most affordable 3 decimal place Australian Standards approved breathalyser on the market today!