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Hazchem Signs

All Trades offer the full range of Hazardous Chemical (hazchem) signage for your workplace.

GHS (Globally Harmonised System) explained - Nothing has changed for chemicals in transit (placards) and The Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (the ADG Code) will continue as it has. In fact, a universal system of labelling and classification for physical hazards and toxicity in the transport sector is already in place.  

The GHS builds upon and complements these hazard communication systems by harmonising workplace and consumer sectors. 

So you ask, what do you need to do?  The short answer is nothing!  Continue to placard as you have been.  Those it does effect are the Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers. Chemical manufacturers and suppliers (including importers) are responsible for ensuring all product sales are GHS compliant before selling.  

This means making changes to both the label and SDS.  Your workplace needs to re-label and replace the SDS for any existing NOHSC labelled stock to be kept after 31 December 2016.  Some manufacturers and suppliers are already GHS ready, and importers have been receiving GHS labelled goods from GHS compliant countries for some time.