4 Essential Considerations when Purchasing Chefswear

4 Essential Considerations when Purchasing Chefswear

Working in the kitchen as a professional chef is an immensely rewarding and exciting career choice, but it is not without hazards. With the risk of fire, burns, slips and falls ever present, it is important that you are kitted out with chefswear that is both comfortable and protective. Chef uniforms have come a long way, and you are no longer limited to the plain and drab chef whites which require constant cleaning. In this blog post, All Trades Safety will be sharing some essential considerations when it comes to purchasing chefswear so that you can make the right decision for you and your kitchen staff.

Colour Choice

Chef whites have long been the go-to standard, but there’s no denying that they can be a little bit boring. Chefs are highly creative and passionate about the meals they create, and opting for a more colourful chefs uniform is a great way to promote your restaurant and express your unique personality. All Trades Safety carry a range of chefs jackets in colours such as denim, grey, black and white. White is still a very popular option for those who don’t mind bleaching stains out of their uniforms, and it also reflects heat rather than absorb it like darker colours do.

Fabric Type

Working in the kitchen can be hot and sweaty, so it’s important to pay attention to the type of fabric used in your chef uniform. Synthetic fibres are not a good choice if you work around gas stoves or open flames, as they melt easily. Instead, you should look for natural fibres such as cotton which have very good heat resistance and breathability. There are a range of innovative new fabrics now on the market, and here at All Trades our chef’s jackets use MeshAir Pro mesh aerated panels which are the ideal solution for hot kitchens. We also stock the ever popular Cool-Breeze modern chef jacket which is made from 190gsm lightweight cotton and features an underarm mesh vent.


Fit is key, as it not only ensures comfort throughout your shift it also helps to present a professional image to customers. You should allow for around 10cm extra room in your chefs jacket around the stomach, as this will enable free movement. Sleeves should be fitted close to the body to prevent them catching on pots, pans and other kitchen equipment. We stock a range of slim fit, lightweight chefswear which will keep your team safe and looking great all year round. Our chefs trousers make use of elasticated waist bands and draw cords, in addition to articular knee darts for freedom of movement.


Hygiene is very important within the food industry, so you should think about the laundering requirements for your chefs uniform. You can minimize the risk of bacterial spread by laundering your 100% cotton chef garments at a high temperature. For synthetic fabrics, follow the guidelines on the label. Chefs uniforms should ideally be kept on your premises, as wearing the uniform in public may attract germs.

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